“Lonely at the top” is often the frustration expressed by business decision makers wrestling with strategic as well as day-to-day operations. Through a careful and deliberate selection, Jandernoa Entrepreneurial Mentoring (JEM) ends that isolation with a careful matching process that seeks the right fit with a mentor.  This is why we base JEM on three years of one-to-one monthly meetings in a confidential environment.  JEM mentees will gain the advantage of our mentor’s experience, insight, and empowerment. Our mentors gain the enjoyment of relating with a leader of a company and assisting in the tough decisions that come along with growing a business.

The One-on-One JEM Mentor and Mentee Relationship

A JEM mentee is a business decision maker (CEO, President, etc.) in a proven business who has the ability and desire to grow his or her company, yet recognizes the need for a mentor that will help them grow as a leader of their business and tackle tough decisions. A JEM mentor is a former or active CEO/President of an organization with a proven track record of running a successful business and is willing to share those prosperous and difficult experiences along the way.

Individuals looking to be paired with a JEM mentor are asked to fill out an application that are due each year by May. Accepted mentees will go through an interview and pairing process. Once the pairings are successfully completed, mentors and mentees meet on a monthly basis for 3 years.

JEM Educational Meetings

Monthly group meetings, about two hours long, are arranged with pertinent topics that help mentees gain insight from presenters on various topics important to running a company. There is also plenty of time for networking, which offers the opportunity to build relationships and learn from other mentors and mentees.

JEM Compass Groups

At times, JEM Mentees come across a significant business item (for example: succession planning, acquisition, expansion, etc.) that requires strong experience and expertise to help gain some greater insight. A group of three to four JEM members are brought together based on their background, to provide feedback.